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Taking a Day Off – Adventures in Cleveland

Hello hello!!

My last post was a precursor to this temporary pause in blogging. I had some school things to finish up and our GOTR season is wrapping up, but have no fears! We are now back to regularly scheduled programming. ๐Ÿ™‚

In honor of Veterans Day, my university had the day off. I taught my Zumba class on Saturday morning, then grabbed lunch with a friend and headed to Cleveland to spend some time with Tim and his brother. Tim still has some vacation time left, so he took the day off so we could have a day off. *gasp*!! We decided that since we rarely have absolutely nothing to do, we would make a day of just being together and doing whatever the day inspired!

The day started off with breakfast at the worlds best breakfast restaurant, Scrambler Marie’s.

My family has been going to this place for years, but we recently found out they opened one near Tim’s. If you ever find yourself in the Toledo or Cleveland area, you should totally check it out (and take me with you, ok?). I highly recommend the strawberry pancakes ๐Ÿ™‚

Tim had a great idea to try to find this garden downtown that he went to last summer for pictures when he was in a friends wedding party. We couldn’t remember the name of the place at first and got a funny tour of university circle before heading to the Cultural Gardens. I’m still in awe of this (not so) hidden gem of Cleveland. The Cleveland Cultural Gardens are a collection of public gardens, each garden commemorates a different ethnic heritage group whose immigrants have contributed to American (and Cleveland) heritage. We were only able to walk up and down one section of the gardens (it was really cold and windy!), but we are planning to go back and check them all out! The Hungarian garden was one of my favorites…absolutely beautiful!

Here are just a few photos from the gardens…





Monday afternoon we switched it up and headed south of Cleveland to hit up some new (to us) parts of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We were interested in checking out their wedding venues, so there was added excitement! Unfortunately, the venues aren’t for us, but would definitely be worth checking out! One of the venues was close to Brandywine Falls, so we couldn’t help but stop by for a visit on our way home!


We really enjoyed just getting to spend the day together without worrying about any commitments. It was a much needed mental day off from school and work. It was also nice to get to check out some of the amazing things that are right here in our own backyard!

Some other fun things to do in Cleveland:
Cleveland Metroparks – so many parks, so little time!!
Towpath Trail – this trail is perfect for running, walking, and biking! I absolutely love this trail – relatively flat, amazing scenery, and lots o miles to check out!
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – if you like music, this place is for you! There are a bunch of different exhibits and the building itself is just fun!
West Side Market – if you’re a foodie, this is the place for you! West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest operating indoor/outdoor market and its quite the busy place! The market stall sellers reflect the diverse culture of the Cleveland area and everything looks and smells wonderful! You’ll find everything from produce to bakery items to meats and cheeses at the market!
A Christmas Story House – you can visit the house where the movie A Christmas Story takes place! And yes, the leg lamp is in the window.
There’s also always sports! The Cleveland Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers all call this city home.

I still haven’t been to the aquarium or the zoo (or several museums!), but hopefully we will be able to check more out soon! I know there are still more things to check out, so I’m excited to keep visiting the city and doing more!

What are some ‘hidden gems’ of your town or region?

Do you have a favorite breakfast restaurant? What is it and what do you get?


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