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Be Happy With What You Have

Good morning, everyone!

Is anyone else loving the morning change with the time change?  I’m not crazy about it being dark at dinner, but I’m loving that I wake up at 6am and it’s starting to get light out again!  This morning started off with an easy two mile run.  I’m still having weird toe and knee problems, so I’m spending some QT with my foam roller and an ice bag today.   We’ll see how it feels after teaching two Zumba classes later on!  For now, it’s time to munch on my favorite cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats – I know, sugary, but I don’t buy it often!) and catch up on personal emails before heading to work!

Speaking of work, I wanted to spend a little time talking about where I’m at in school.  It’s been a while since I last updated on that part of my life…and it’s quite the big part!

I’m done with 9 classes, taking 4, and have 3 to go!  I attend three classes each week and work on the Eat Right for Life program as my fourth/independent study.  I will be taking my capstone course in the spring, in addition to doing a 300 hour internship and taking an elective course.  I have been approved to do my internship at BGSU, which is great because it’s where I already work and live.  I was concerned I would be working TWO 20-hr/week jobs, but a distance apart.  I’m so thankful that it worked out where I get to do my internship with one of my career mentors!  I will be working on a worksite wellness program, coordinating the first parts of a year-long program pre-developed by WELCOA.  I am very interested in going into either university wellness programming or worksite wellness, so I get the best of both worlds by doing my internship at BGSU!

As far as work goes, this semester has been a whirlwind and I cannot believe it’s already November.  We have launched our program, which means life has been pretty crazy trying to coordinate various offices and departments, schedules, etc.  I’ve learned even more about working on grants; our annual report was due, we had budget reporting to work on, and I submitted my first IRB proposal.  I still feel like there’s so much more I will learn this year, but I feel confident that I understand what’s going on!

In reflection, here are some things I’ve learned throughout graduate school so far about myself and my work preferences/habits…besides all of the coursework!  This is by no means an extensive list, I just believe that an education is so much more than the classroom.  It’s learning about yourself and recognizing your strengths and where you have room to improve.

  • I prefer person to person communication.  I feel like more work gets done when I have meetings with people, instead of trying to coordinate things via email.  Email may be more efficient in terms of your time, but when it comes down to it, the work still needs to be done and it might’ve been done in one quick meeting instead of a train of emails.  I always make an effort to track someone down before emailing.  Unfortunately for me, email is how a lot of work is getting accomplished today, so I am getting better and better at email communication and having foresight so the questions or projects can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.
  • I work best in the early mornings.  That’s not to say I don’t get work done throughout the day and into the evening, I just find that this is my optimal window.  Often times, I’ll find I’m more productive working from my home computer right after waking up in the mornings, sometimes postponing my workout until later in the day to accomplish work tasks.
  • I like timelines.  Having a plan for how things are going to be accomplished and making sure  you are on track is how I stay organized, especially for work and school projects.
  • Working in groups at work is great, working in groups for school is miserable.  It’s not that I don’t like group work, it’s the fact that it’s extra challenging to accomplish things when we’re all at different places in school and life (some working full time, some part time, others not at all).  Priorities are different and it’s challenging to accommodate 5 people’s schedules outside of the classroom.  Two of my classes have major group projects and it has been a struggle getting things done to the high standard we set for ourselves when we can’t find time to meet!  However, I really enjoy working in groups at work.  I really appreciate the extra brain power and feedback on ideas to ensure that the product of what we’re doing is truly the best it can be.
  • I thoroughly enjoy my work when I feel that I am helping someone.

And finally…

  • I thought I had great time management skills – well, they’ve gotten even better this semester!  I took on wayyy too much this semester!  I was an incredibly busy undergraduate student and tried to take on even more in graduate school…I’ve learned my lesson!  I always joked in undergrad that I had only one major meltdown each semester, and once that happened, it was the only one and I could get stronger and move past it.  I thought I had that “one meltdown” in early September this semester and have had more than one.  It isn’t healthy to live in a constant state of stress (stress itself is fine, bad stress is not!) and I’ve noticed my health declining in various ways because of it.  I have a crazy amount of hormonal acne, have added a small belly pooch despite teaching 8 group fitness classes a week, have struggled with motivation in a few areas I usually love, have been forgetful, and have let my healthy eating slip more often than I should.It’s hard to admit it, but I’m learning my lesson.  It’s incredibly hard for me to need to back off some of my favorite things, but for my own health next semester I will be taking some time away from some things that I love, but that shouldn’t be a priority right now.  It’s a very tough decision, but I know that I will thank myself in the long run.

This  may not be where I saw myself two years ago, but I am so blessed to have had things work out this way.  I was incredibly confused on what I wanted to do when I didn’t get a dietetic internship and it was a very anxious time figuring out what I wanted to do, but I love my career path and am so excited to graduate and start my career!  I think I truly found my passion.  I found this interesting article about this generation and a perspective on our place in the workforce…I found it interesting.  I’m agree with the quote:


In love with your life

Remember that you never get that time back…so choose happy!

If you could pass on one ‘life lesson’ or words of wisdom, what would they be?  

What is your favorite way to relax and destress?
I run, talk to my fiance, and head home for a love sesh with my puppies!


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