Runners Can Be Forgetful

I’m slowly but surely accepting this and am okay with it. For some reason, I can remember saying how miserable I was during my first marathon last year. I was cold, tired, sore, and vowed that one was enough and I was sticking with my favorite distance (13.1) forever.

Then this happened.


I guess it has something to do with a desire to push myself…to become the best I can be. To prove to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. For a challenge. And because I just love running!

I did the Flying Pig Relay with a group of my Brothers this year and loved the course. Everything was organized and the entire process was streamlined. As a first time relay runner, I really appreciate this! The marathon runners had a ton of course support, from cheering crowds to aid stations and water tables! First time marathoners were also pointed out with an extra bib so the crowd knew to help them out with some extra cheering! A nice touch, in my opinion! The finish was organized and everything was operating smoothly, despite the heavy rain that picked up during my stretch of the run! I am so excited to run the full and experience the entire course!

Some marathon motivation to get me started (and to keep everyone going!)



Also running the marathon is my Glittle, Ben. He’s a running beast and this will be his first full marathon. I look forward to getting to experience this with him (but I will be happily running solo so he can fly his way down the course!). Our Brother, Sam, is also considering the run and I am so so hoping she does!

I will be starting a new series on the blog about marathon training once the time comes. I’m exciting to share this journey with you!

I couldn’t help but share this photo I found on Pinterest with you…


Are you training for anything or signed up for any upcoming races?
I’d love to follow your journey!

What is your running mantra?


One thought on “Runners Can Be Forgetful

  1. I’ve only been running 3-4 months- just did a 5k and have a 5-miler on Thanksgiving day. I think I might do another 5k in between the week before that I just discovered…Running is probably like having kids…you forget the pain & agony because the end result is soo good! I’ve heard good things about the Flying Pig! Good luck to you!!!

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