Four Group Fitness Classes and I’m Sore

My Thursday looked like this:

5:45am – Teach PiloxingPiloxing

3:00pm – Coach Girls on the Run
Girls on the run is so much fun.  Coaching GOTR inspired me to start running

6:30pm – Teach Piloxing
Piloxing class in Tama!!

10:30pm – Teach Zumba
Become a Zumba Instructor

11:30pm – Teach Zumba
Zumba Instructor Rhinestone Transfer. So want this for everything I wear.  Love, love, bling.

My bed has never felt as good as it did at approximately 1:15am this morning when I crawled into it.

And this is what I’ve done this afternoon:

19 Kids and Counting I Heart the Duggars iPad Case $29.95 #19Kids    MY LIFE

Watched 19 Kids.  A productive morning (work + teaching Zumba at the senior center + grant writing) means cooking and Netflix all afternoon.

Foam Roll Flow- Get those tissues soft as...puppies? Marshmallows?

Things that are also happening this afternoon…foam rolling.  My muscles are stiff and sore from all of the teaching I’ve done this week and they are crying out for a good yoga/foam roll sesh later today.

I don’t like taking unplanned days off, but my hips and knees were really sore teaching my senior center Zumba class this morning.  I’m going to be a good girl and listen to my body.  I was going to run a 5K tonight and a 10K race tomorrow, but tonight’s run is definitely out of the question with the knee pain.  It’s okay…ahhh!!!!


One thought on “Four Group Fitness Classes and I’m Sore

  1. Great post but thought I had to comment. I thought we were crazy coaching four classes of children in one day but you beat us. How do you manage to keep going?

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