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Baskets of Care Zumbathon

As I mentioned in my previous post, on Sunday I was one of two instructors for a Zumbathon.  The Zumbathon was to raise money for Baskets of Care, a local organization that helps women and men who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

A little bit about Baskets of Care…(all information can be found on their website!)Home

  • Supports men and women newly diagnosed with breast cancer in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan area
  • Provides these individuals with a “basket of care” free of charge and gifted by a support team (surgeon, breast cancer survivor, and breast health navigator).  These baskets include things like a notebook and pen (for doctor’s visits!), a bar of chocolate, books and educational materials, a pillow for the seatbelt to protect the breast, and a healing shawl.
  • These baskets are all packed and content donated from individuals and other foundations
  • Supportive call center staffed by volunteers and local medical professionals
  • Provides access to local resources
  • And so so soooooo much more!

You can see why I jumped at the chance to be involved…what a great organization!

I put together a short list of a few songs that I used during my sessions of the Zumbathon…have you ever heard them in a Zumba class?  My participants, and the ones at the Zumbathon, had the biggest smiles on their faces during these songs!

boc zumbathon


What are YOUR favorite songs to hear in a fitness class?

Do you have a ‘power song’ that you play when you need an extra boost of energy during a workout?  (Mine is Let It Rock!)


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