Sugar Rush & Photo Dump

Cardio Pump Challenge + 45 min Zumba

This weekend started off with three killer workouts on Friday – I taught two Zumba classes and took a Cardio Pump Challenge class.  The Cardio Pump Challenge class really worked me hard and I loved every burning squat!  The instructor (Anne) took us through two sets of various cardio/strength supersets to really fire up our muscles and get our heart pumping!  I also participated in a fun run at BGSU (more on that in a future post!).

Senior Center Zumba

Saturday was [nearly] incredibly relaxing, aside from an interesting start to the day.  I got up early to squeeze a quick run in before Tim woke up.  I wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed as a Sweetest Day gesture.  We tend to think these holidays are something we should celebrate everyday, but I wanted to take a little time to show him how much I appreciate him.

It was an interesting run – my knee was bothering me so I turned around after only going a mile, then around a mile and a half was stopped by the most adorable little boxer.  The little girl was running toward me as I was walking, so I stopped in my tracks.  She was incredibly friendly, so I pet her for a few moments before looking around for an owner.  Many of these houses don’t have fences, so I was considering that she may have just left her yard.  After saying goodbye and picking up my jog, she headed out into into the street!!  I quickly flailed my arms around to get the attention of the approaching cars and grabbed the dog by the collar.

Now…of COURSE this would be the day I chose to run without my phone.  I walked the dog back to my apartment building, woke Tim up in a frantic cry for help, and was able to call the owner and get this precious loveball back to where she belonged.

I sent Tim back to bed while I made his breakfast and we enjoyed spending most of the day just being together.  Perfection.

Sunday was an exciting day!  I taught at a Zumbathon with my mentor and friend, Macy, for Baskets of Care.  I always enjoy taking her class and teaching with her is always a great time!  Immediately after the Zumbathon, Brianna and I changed before meeting up with Tim to head to a bridal show.  The bridal show took place at our possible reception venue and we were so excited to get to see it another time.

  With our Brother/my Sister as one of the beautiful bridal models!

We missed both bridal fashion shows, but got to chat with one of our dear friends who was a model for the event!  Doesn’t she look beautiful?!

My handsome fiance (with an even more wonderful looking cupcake) (just kidding!!!)

I proceeded to eat my weight in cupcakes and cake samples at the event and went home with quite the sugar rush!  Not upset one bit 🙂  We didn’t find anything that ‘stuck out’ to us at the show, but we were definitely still hooked on the venue.  The room just seems to work with what we are looking for and we’re hoping to finalize everything this week….AHH!

I’m signing off now to go finish studying for an exam…oh the joys of being a graduate student!  🙂  (PS – it blows my mind I have to sit for so long in class and studying – we’re in public health…don’t we want people moving?!  haha!)

Happy Monday, folks!

Legally blonde :-) @Stephanie Saliga
When in doubt, remember this!

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