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Meat-full Meat bowl?

This past Saturday was a great, relaxing day with my fiance.  It may sound super cheesy, but the two of us have always had incredibly busy schedules up until this point (okay…mostly me, sorry babe!).  Now that I’ve taken a step back in some things, and picked up others that I do more on weekdays (or that take up full weekends – no more of this random evening/mid day/morning event stuff), our weekends have been calmer and we are able to more thoroughly appreciate each other’s company.

Saturday I got in an easy five miles before waking Tim up to have an adventurous day!  We started off the morning with some apple oatmeal (aka sliced apple mixed in with oatmeal) and talking about our weeks.  We then hit the road to take a walk at a park along the river.  The trail is only a mile long, but it’s very scenic and has all kinds of fancy workout stations along the way.  We love it and wish it was closer!

My Mr. Handsome and the beautiful fall day!
We can’t NOT stop and play with the workout machines!

I posted two videos on Instagram of us playing around with the various machines….follow me and check them out!  Tim’s pretty funny -)

Instagram: @tnewlove

We worked up quite the appetite and headed to Blue Pacific Grille for a fresh, filling lunch!  Blue Pacific is the type of restaurant where they give you a little bowl to fill up with all kinds of tasty foods to be stir-fried in a sauce of your choice!  Blue Pacific is one of our favorite restaurants because you can customize your dish.  We don’t go here often, so it feels like a treat when we do!

Tim’s masterpiece

Another thing about Blue Pacific….it was the last place I ate meat when I decided to become a 100% vegetarian.  I went approximately 1 year, 10 months, and 12 days without eating meat.  However, if you recall from a post I made at the start of the month, I’ve been considering adding meat back into my diet.  I decided that seafood was going to be my first addition (and probably the only) and it only made sense to have my first bite at the same place I had my last!  I added two salmon chunks and two shrimp to my bowl…

Still mostly veggies…but there’s meat in that bowl!
Here we gooooooo!

Salmon is still very fishy tasting, but definitely tasty!  I still think I’ll be mostly meatless, but since I’m having some challenges meating (haha…I mean meeting) my desired daily protein intake, will likely add some fish in a few days a week.

PS – Chopsticks are seriously the way to go.  And yes, there are two there.

We headed out to my parents’ to enjoy the backyard sun for the rest of the afternoon.  My mom found mini ice cream cones at the grocery store and couldn’t wait to let us try them.

So cute!

Bite sized tastiness – aka portion control – aka more reason to eat more, right?  Just kidding 🙂

Let’s Chat!

What did you do last weekend?

Have you ever tried a specific diet (vegan, veggie, pescatarian, om-nom-nomivore?)?  How’d it go?  Why’d you choose it?  (Let’s be kind here, friends!)

Favorite ice cream flavor.


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