Last Early Morning Spin…for now!

Today started off with my last early morning spin class of this session!! Despite a rough night of sleep, I woke up “awake, alert, alive, enthusiastic!” (Did anyone else sing that song at summer camp?! We absolutely did and loved it!)

I had a sweat-inducing workout planned for my ladies and they loved it! Here’s my playlist and what I did (sort of) to each song! All of them love Pitbull, so you’ll see a lot of those songs!! I received a lot of positive feedback after the class (gotta love the squats!) and they were sad our session was over. I’m sad the session is over, but excited to start teaching Piloxing during this time!

Good morning – Mandisa (warmup!)
Dark Side Remix – Kelly Clarkson (short, easy sprints on chorus)
Don’t Stop The Party – Pitbull (jumps)
Crank It Up – Remix (hills)
Feel This Moment – Christina and Pitbull (jumps and squats!)
Still Into You – Paramore (short sprints)
What Makes You Beautiful (long sprints, different positions)
It’s Alright, It’s Ok – Ashley Tisdale (active recovery)
Let It Rock – Lil Wayne (hills)
Come and Go – Pitbull (jumps, a hill, heavy squats)
Finally Found You – Remix (everything!)
Hello Seattle – Remix (Cool down)

I left and my shirt was drenched in sweat…like the wring-out, soaked kind of sweat. It was fabulous.

20131011-193459.jpg It bothers me that its not an even number….ahhhhh!!!

What is your favorite spin song?

Do you use a HRM?

Did you go to summer camp as a kid?


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