Engagement Photo Shoot – Part 1

Okay, friends!  The day we’ve all been waiting for is here!  Our engagement photo shoot recap!!!

Last Saturday, Tim and I met up with our incredibly dear friend and photographer, Sara, for an evening to try to get a few photos taken.  🙂

I am overwhelmingly thrilled at how crazy I am about these pictures.  Sara did an outstanding job and many of these photos have me in tears every time.  She knows both of us and how we are as a couple and was able to capture so much of this in her images.  I have never met a more beautiful, talented young woman and we are so blessed to know her.  If you ever need a photographer in the Toledo, OH area or you are a company looking to hire a kind-hearted, philanthropic, sweet spirit, please consider her!

We met up on campus to start the evening off.  Tim and I both have our bachelor’s degrees from BGSU, and we met here in high school through a university program, so we qualify as “Falcon Flames.”  There are over 10,706 Falcon Flames and I’m so excited to be a part of that tradition in the very near future!


Legend has it that if you stand on the seal with your significant other and kiss at midnight, you will soon be married.  #checkedoffthebucketlist 🙂


I wasn’t kidding when I said she captured our relationship perfectly 🙂


I had a very hard time keeping a straight face or looking sweet and calm on command.  Basically, tell me to not smile and the first thing I do is smile and laugh.Image

But finally, I was able to make it work…


And then we go back to this…


Capturing us perfectly.  Titanic, anyone?

We enjoyed getting to mess around with Sara a bit while she would set different things up…she looked up once and found us staring her down like this….


“Relationships are always stronger when you’re best friends first and a couple second.”
I am so excited to keep planning and preparing for our wedding and marriage!


Together is my favorite place to be 🙂

My question now is…what do I do with all of these pictures?!  Any ideas?!?!


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