Clean(er) Eating

Okay, friends, I have a dilemma.

I was originally going to use October as my Whole 30 Challenge month.  I’ve planned, motivated myself, and grocery shopped.  I started off today strong with some eggs.

Lunch: no protein 😦  I didn’t have time to prep my protein purchases yesterday so my quick lunch was an apple and some strawberries, followed by a banana, strawberries, and carrots after teaching Zumba.

Dinner was where the biggest roadblock has stopped me.  I pulled some frozen salmon fillets out of the freezer to stick in the oven and just couldn’t do it.  I was incredibly overwhelmed and called Tim all upset while preparing some veggies (sweet potato, peppers, and kale) for dinner.  Then I realized I shouldn’t be so upset – this challenge I brought on myself, and I can do something to make myself better because of it, even if I don’t adhere to the Whole 30 guidelines.

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost two years now (I eat eggs and have dairy, though).  I gave up meat for several reasons, including environmental, moral, and health.   After reading It Starts With Food, I considered how many diseases run in my family that are caused by inflammation.  I decided I wanted to tackle the challenge.  For those of you who DON’T know what the Whole 30 is, it’s 30 days of strict paleo.  AKA-lots of meat/proteins.  I also wanted to try it because of how heavily I workout – I’m frequently sore and am concerned about my protein intake as a vegetarian (I don’t really drink milk, eat a ton of cheese, or a lot of yogurt–I’m dairy sensitive, too!).   I know what research is out there about the different dietary patterns (thank you, DTR license!) and choosing to eat paleo, veggie, or whatever is my choice based on educating myself and deciding what is best for me!

Alas, the poor fish went back into my freezer and I felt defeated.  I CAN eat meat…It’s a choice I’ve made to NOT.  But I just can’t get over it right now.

Guess what: that’s OKAY!

I’m going to use this month to try something new with my eating.  Instead of paleo, I’m going to stick to CLEAN vegetarian eating on weekdays.  I say weekdays because this is going to be a slow transition, and hopefully one I can maintain for a while.

October Clean Eating Challenge


I think this is going to be a big enough challenge for me to take on for October 🙂  Teaching 8 group fitness classes + working + grad school + my own additional fitness training = one hungry, busy girl! 🙂

Have you ever done the Whole30 Challenge?  How did it go?!  


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