Totally Shredded

Pretty much describes how my muscles felt on Friday.  I was feeling tired, but empowered, from my awesome treadmill workout the night before.  I went to work before running off to teach my Zumba class at the senior center.  The easy movements were just what I needed to get my muscles warm and ready for the next CHAARG FitPlan workout.  🙂

Speaking of CHAARG, after I taught Zumba I met up with Macy, Steph, and Macy’s friend Leah to start working on the CHAARG ambassador application!  We are all super excited about possibly bringing this amazing organization BGSU next spring and are hoping and praying we get this chance!   BGSU doesn’t really have ANYTHING like CHAARG, so this organization will fulfill a great need and help so many girls find a place where positive and supportive fitness and health-minded friends come together 🙂

After working on the application, Steph and I made a quick trip to the bookstore on campus to take advantage of the Falcon Friday discount and buy a new fitness top.  We ran into our two favorite mascots on our way back to the rec to attack the fitplan workout of the day!

With Frieda and Freddie Falcon!  Roll Along!
With Frieda and Freddie Falcon! Roll Along!

We figured out all of the moves of our super crazy circuit strength workout ahead and started!  This workout really targeted everything (especially our shoulders…wow!) and we were laughing and groaning and counting our way through the reps until the end!  We finished – even going back through the workout for the second round despite wanting to stop.  Go us!  It’s all about doing more, becoming better, stronger, and more fit!

Some of the moves we did included:

  • Cuban Press
  • Drop Twists
  • Push-up/Dip Turnovers
  • Hindu Push-ups
  • Burpees (surprisingly, we found the burpees to be the EASY part of this circuit set…yea…it was tough!)
  • Renegade Rows
Falcon FitChicks! 🙂

It took us just over an hour to complete the workout.  We were both amazed at what we had just done – always a good feeling after a solid workout 🙂  I’m pretty sure our new matching tanks had something to do with it.

After that workout, I was ready for a break!  I took Saturday and Sunday off, just doing some light stretching and foam rolling to get ready for the fitness challenges ahead 🙂

Let’s Chat:

What is your favorite strength move?

What fitness challenge have you shocked yourself by accomplishing?


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