Running Backwards on the Treadmill

I did that.  I was the weirdo at the gym bouncing around jogging backward on my treadmill while everyone kept giving me really strange looks.  No biggie.

After teaching 45 minutes of spin this morning and teaching an hour of Piloxing tonight, I still had to get in my CHAARG FitPlan workout of the day.  Today’s workout was 60 minutes of sweaty gloriousness on the treadmill, so I headed over to the cardio area of the gym after teaching tonight.  I was already warm, so I jumped right in.

Holy. Freaking. Cow.  I was so engaged and excited about the workout the whole time (even the part where my treadmill incline was as high as it could go and I’m pretty sure the people across the gym could hear me gasping for air).  This is going to become my go-to treadmill ‘I’m bored’ workout.  It was AH-MAY-ZING.

Some examples of what this workout included (the different moves were done for those particular minutes of the workout):

7:10-8:00 – Lower speed to 1.5 mph, perform walking lunges, always alternating legs
8:10-12:00 – Run at 6.5 mph
12:10-17:00 – Lower speed to 2.5 mph, turn around and run/jog backwards

27:10-28:00 – With incline at 12%, run/jog backwards at 2.5 mph
28:10-32:00 – Lower incline to 0%, turn around and run at 7 mph
32:10-34:00 – Run at 8 mph

44:10-47:00 – Raise incline to 15%, run at 4.5 mph
47:10-48:00 – Step off treadmill and perform as many Bodyweight Only squats as possible

57:10-60:00 – Lower incline to 0%, run at 8.5 mph
Get off treadmill – Rest 2 Minutes – Perform 40 squat jumps.




Let’s Chat:

How do you stay engaged and avoid boredom on the treadmill?

How do you fuel up for an intense day of workouts?


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