We’ve Got GOTR Spirit!

Practice yesterday was extra-special for our girls…we were a lucky team to have practice on Girls on the Run Spirit Day 2013!  How cool is that?!

One of my co-coaches, Sam (the one I’m usually posting about…you can check out her blog here!), and I wanted to make practice a little extra spirity and fun for our girls.  We took Tuesday’s practice to talk to the girls about how they can choose to be a ‘girl on the run,’ a perfect lesson to precede spirit day!  Our lesson on Spirit Day was all about choosing positive self-talk, something very important for the spirit of a GOTR!

We added some flair to GOTR Spirit Day by asking the girls to come dressed in GOTR colors and flair!  Nearly every girl wore pink and green or a GOTR shirt!  Sam drew the GOTR logo on posterboard and cut it into puzzle pieces.  We had the girls write one or two positive qualities about themselves on a piece and then assemble the puzzle as a team.  We did this to show how our spirit and qualities contribute to the overall positive dynamic of the team.  The girls then got to take their puzzle piece home as a reminder of the lesson 🙂

Our GOTR Team Puzzle
Our GOTR Team Puzzle

We also got out the Girls on the Run cape and each girl took a turn wearing it as they ran laps around the track.  They all loved getting to wear the cape!


We definitely had lots of positive energy and a TON of GOTR spirit goin’ on!  I am always amazed by our team…as much as our role in their lives is important as a coach, each one of the girls teaches ME something even more special.  You definitely get more out of being a GOTR coach than ever expected…and I think it’s something you have to experience to believe how special it truly is.

Happy GOTR Spirit Day!  Choose to plug into your positive cord, choose to pursue your own passions, and choose to live the life you define for yourself!


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