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This Is Me

Friday afternoon was busy! I headed to the rec after lunch for a team workout with my Falcon Fitness crew! It ended up just being a group of four, but we had fun and worked up quite the sweat! Two instructors put together our workout based on the TRX Circuit Cycle class we offer. It was a great way to finish up a week of awesome group fitness classes!

20130916-185511.jpg Love my fitness girls!

I ran home to quickly grab a shower and then do my hair while on a conference call. Multitasking at its finest, but I had somewhere to get to right afterward!

Luckily for me, the event I was heading to was a “makeup optional” event called This Is Me. I was able to attend this event thanks to my beautiful co-coach (girls on the run!) and was incredibly happy to be a part of the evening.

This Is Me was an event to celebrate the natural beauty of women who are making a positive difference within our community. The women featured at the event are serving as powerful inspirational and influential leaders and roles models for today’s young people.

Featuring them in such a vulnerable, yet so beautiful, state was done to show that inner beauty is true beauty, that self confidence is one of our most beautiful qualities, and that its okay to NOT be flawless! Every detail about yourself is what makes you YOU, down to each freckle, zit, wrinkle, birthmark, or scar.

Makeup-less and loving it! This is us!

Now seriously, I’m not hating on makeup. I usually sport a combo of eyeliner and mascara to highlight my eyes. I have the girly plethora of all other kinds of makeup floating around my bathroom. What the important takeaway/reminder here is: makeup is OPTIONAL! We all need to stop comparing ourselves and others to celebrities, ads on TV or in magazines, to stop listening to the commercials that tell us we need this stuff to be beautiful. We need to teach this to today’s young women AND men! You are already GORGEOUS! You are the youest-you there will ever be and that makes you uniquely beautiful, inside and out!

This is something I always try to promote, working on healthy body image workshops, chairing national eating disorder awareness week events in college, and now helping foster healthy body image and confidence in young girls through coaching for Girls on the Run!! This is just one of the many reasons I am honored to work with such an amazing organization! This is what we do! This is why we do what we do! I believe it was best shared by the three amazing women who chair up our local GOTR council…

“Every girl can embrace herself, can define who she wants to be, can rise to any challenge, and can change the world.”

This is true for ANYONE!

I am a student, a runner, a fitness instructor, an advocate, an educator, a daughter, a sister, a fiancé, and a coach. I am girls on the run. REGARDLESS of what I look like.

Who are you? How do you celebrate yourself? Do you ever go without makeup?

Be confident in yourself. Define your future. Be YOU!


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