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Randoms Thursday

I totally forgot to start my Heart Rate Monitor when I taught my 5:45am spin class today…#majorfail.  I’m really trying to focus on utilizing it now that I have it, but I guess the fact that I was a) still half asleep and b) teaching a new lovely group of women took it’s toll on remember to do that simple task! 🙂 One of the best things about teaching class that early, you get to wake your class up and start their day on the right foot!

After teaching, I ran home for a quick shower and made some scrambled eggs before walking to work!  I noticed that these signs are now all over the ground on campus:



BGSU is joining the ranks of smoke-free universities and designating smoking zones this year!  I know this might spark lots of controversy, but it has been incredibly well-received (at least publicly – local news, etc!) by the students, faculty, and staff so far thanks to a few years of seeing notifications and organizations promoting that the school take this step.

I spent the afternoon out at my parent’s pool in the SUN before heading back to campus to teach the first PILOXING class of the semester.  We had an awesome group of participants, most of whom had never tried the workout before!  They all left with big smiles on their faces – one of the best things to see as a fitness instructor!

I DID remember to start my HRM for this workout…:)


A 1-hour Piloxing class burned 509 calories – how awesome is that?!


And because I had been craving it for three days – Sundae Station.
Only 8 Vanilla FroYo
Hot Fudge
Cookie Dough


I Wanna Know! 

Do you use a heart rate monitor?  Would you mind explaining how and why YOU use it?  I’m still learning!  🙂  

Favorite ice cream combo!


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