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Back to School


This semester has started off with quite the bang!  I’m taking four graduate classes (yes, I’ve been told it’s crazy…I’m just ready to graduate!!!) and am honestly super excited about this particular one.  It’s a class all about public health administration and our main assignment is writing a complete grant proposal.  Since I’ve spent the past year working on a grant, I’m feeling slightly more confident about the class thanks to the experience I’ve had so far!

Workout: Wednesday is a long day, but I taught two group fitness classes and counted that as my workout!  I taught Zumba for an hour in the morning and then my running group at lunchtime!  Here was our workout for the running group:

10 min. warm up – any way they wanted: walking, jogging, easy running
10×30/30 – 30 seconds RPE (perceived exertion: 1-easy, 10-as hard as you can) 8-9, 30 seconds recover; repeat 10 times
400m RPE 7-8/400m recover – repeat for 10 minutes
5 min warm down
Planks and Stretching!

This was my last run of the week before the BSA Soaring Eagle Half Marathon!  I’m a little concerned about have two full days off of running, but I teach spin and Piloxing tomorrow so I’m confident that having that activity will help keep my muscles active and ready to run!

I Wanna Know!

If you went to college, what was your favorite class?!  Why?

Do you do speedwork or any ‘focused’ runs?  

What is your favorite thing to work on in fitness?  Cardio? Strength? Speed? Flexibility?




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