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The Hottest Run of My Life

Tim and I were lucky enough to have our first free weekend of the summer and we did what any normal couple would do with nothing else to do – grab the tent, pack up the cars, and go CAMPING!

We have been anxiously waiting to go camping since May and finally had a weekend without plans to do so. We booked a campsite and headed down after work on Friday evening. I got there and set up our site and not-so patiently waited for Tim to arrive so our weekend of fun could begin! Unfortunately, I had an unexpected commitment come up that took us out of the campground at down to Dayton for the majority of Saturday, but we still made the most of the afternoon and evening by grabbing our swimsuits and towels to head to the beach! The campground was right on a big lake and we spent quite a bit of time swimming around and cooling off from the heat of the day.

Dinner: when we go camping, we cook everything over the campfire. This, however, requires there to actually be a fire in progress. We had a little difficulty getting our fire to light. After a few choice words, taking turns, and having a neighboring camper share some firestarters with us, we had a fire (that didn’t want to STOP burning, I might add!). We made vegetarian tacos (aka beans+salsa+cheese+tortilla) in a pie iron and ate until our bellies were stuffed full!



We packed up camp Sunday morning and headed back to BG.  I had a work meeting in the afternoon for the Falcon Fitness team and Tim and I had planned to do our last ‘long run’ before the BSA Half Marathon next weekend.  The sun was shining, the humidity was high, and we had an 11-12 mile goal.  Our goal pace for Saturday is 9:00 min/mile, but we are playing it safe with the heat and feeling it out that day.  Anyway, we started our run at 6pm and added a good 90 seconds to our usual pace to compensate for the heat.  The first half of the run was H-O-T.  Sweat on sweat drips on sweat streaks.  Thank goodness Tim also was feeling a good Powerade + ice cream outing post-run!  Note: not the best combo on the tummy, realllllyyyy tasty on their own!

The Run: I personally had a hard run.  I like the tough runs, they make you that much tougher and stronger!  My ankle joints and quads were really fighting the distance, which is really weird for me.  I usually feel it in my calves!  Despite the hard run, I really enjoyed running with my fiance.  I may get extra feisty when I’m pooped out (sorry babe!), but there’s nothing better than accomplishing anything with your significant other by your side!


Still OBSESSED with my Nike+ Sportwatch and Polar+ Heart Rate Monitor!

"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you"

How I feel sometimes…but at least I run!

Let’s Chat!

What is your “best” run story?

What do you do to keep yourself pushing forward during difficult workouts?

Do you camp?  What do you eat when you’re camping?!

Happy Monday!



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