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Work With What You’ve Got

I spent most of one afternoon this week waiting on the cable company to install my Internet at the new apartment, so I had lots of time at home! I spent a good majority of that time unpacking and organizing, but a girl can only do so much of that before needing a break!

I put on Big Bang Theory (anyone else LOVE that show?) and started scrolling through Pinterest on my phone looking for an upper body/cardio workout I could do at home. I found a few that I liked and merged some of them together. It took me just about 30 min to complete this workout, but I definitely worked to kept my pace up! I was a hot sweaty mess by the end!

What else was a 20-something, stuck at home, Internet-less girl to do? :-). You’ve gotta work with what time chunks you get when you’re always on the go! Even 3 10-minute workout sessions a day can meet your daily requirements (ACSM). And when you need a little extra motivation to take care of your health, you can remind yourself of this:

Not to get all morbid on you or anything, just a reminder that fitness is about your health and well being! Take the time to take care of you!

Some tips for helping you find time in your day for a workout can be found:

How do you make time for your workout?

Do you ever workout at home? Or do you always workout at home?

Today I scheduled time to run in my planner! My planner=my life bible.


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