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Holy Catch Up


I have been waiting and waiting for my internet to finally be hooked up in my new apartment…and it still isn’t up!  I haven’t been blogging because I usually write my posts at night or in the early morning, but that hasn’t been happening due to the lack of web-ernets (my fiance’s lovely wordplay)…so let’s play catch up!

This past week I:



Ate this delicious Inception cookie from Cookie Jar and More – a local BG favorite!  If you’re even in BG or at BGSU, you MUST check it out and take me with you.  It’s an Oreo baked into a chocolate chip cookie…heaven on earth.  



Bought this watch and it’s accompanying Polar Plus Heart Rate Monitor strap – I may or may not be OBSESSED with it!  Nike+ sportwatch and GPS review to come!  



Dealt with unusually cold weather in AUGUST in OHIO!  Might I add that August is usually 1000000000000+ degrees and humid?!



Celebrated this little nuggets birthday with a family party!



Played some tennis!



Received the most precious (and hilarious) thank you cards at the pool from one of the local daycares who comes daily!  The pool is now CLOSED for the season!  Hello free time!!  



Ate this Chocolate Croissant from Panera Bread…again, heaven on earth!  (No – calories were not a question here)



Snuck in a Crossfit at Home workout while waiting for the cable guy (who never showed 😦  )  At least I got my workout in!



Celebrated this little nug turning 17 at the best Mexican restaurant!  Fried ice cream = delish!  (She shared with me…thank goodness!)



Finally had some time at home at the pool – including goofing around with my two favorite poochies!  Aren’t they the coolest?!



Sun Safety First!  (Classy outfit I know!)

20130820-121709.jpgAnd got back into my normal routine at work…finally!!  Does anyone else ever have this much paperwork to deal with?  🙂  Good thing I really enjoy my work and my work environment!

What have you been up to?!  I miss you guys!  What was your favorite thing you did over the weekend?!



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