Where My Paychecks Go…

The BwB August Fitness Instagram challenge is a week underway and I’m loving it! I love check out what other people are doing and sharing on Instagram…especially fitness and health!

Yesterday’s photo was “workout clothes” so I posted this picture of what I wore yesterday to teach a Zumba class! It may not totally match, but it got the job done!

Workout clothes and gear are my shopping weakness!

Where I Shop
A bunch of my workout apparel is from TJ Maxx! Name brand items for a super awesome discount-winner winner! I also love Old Navy for nice, but cheaper, workout clothes!

What I Wear
I usually exercise in a tank and running shorts because I don’t like to be too hot when working out. When I teach I wear tight capris and whatever staff shirt or tank I find first! I need a headband 99.9% of the time and feel naked without a watch!

Lets talk!

Where do you buy your workout clothes?

What’s your favorite workout apparel item?

Are you on Instagram? Post your username if you’d like so I can follow you!


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