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Cottage bound for the day!

Yesterday was the first day all summer Tim and I were together and neither of us had to work or he any other commitments. After an easy three mile run (after Monday it was tough!), I whipped up a quick smoothie and headed east! I picked up Tim and we drove up to my aunt and uncles cottage on Lake Erie.

My aunt and uncle bought their cottage about seven years ago and my family has always enjoyed getting to spend time on the lake. I guess my love of the water is embedded in my genes! Haha :-). Tim and I spent several hours on the beach, kayaking, swimming, looking for beach glass, and floating on the waves!
And because we had my camera out…
Engagement photos, eh?!?

All in all, a wonderful day with my fiancรฉ! Roommate was supposed to have been there, but due to illness wasn’t able to make it. We were super bummed, but now we have a reason to go to the lake again! ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanna know!

Your favorite thing to do at the beach!
At the lake I loveee kayaking and looking for beach glass!


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