We Just Keep Going and Going and Going..

Today I finally was able to complete the 10 miler that should’ve happened over the weekend.  No big deal.  I’m actually thrilled that this worked out this way because 1) I have a 3 hour drive to make today and nobody wants a crazy cranky driver  2) I didn’t have to leave at 5am to fit the run in before work at 7am  3) I woke up in an awesome, gunna rock the world mood and had one of the best runs of my life.  

I woke up to the heavenly the world is ending sound of the garbage truck emptying the dumpsters in our parking lot.  This was followed by a series of alarms I had set in an attempt to still wake up early enough to fit in the run before heading off to my assistantship!  I was on the struggle bus for about 10 minutes tearing my room apart looking for my headphones, finding them at the last minute before I was about to give up and try to run ten miles without them.  (No-music runners, I applaud you. I don’t think I could do that for much more than 5-6 miles)

The goal of today’s workout was, for the first time for run this long, both distance AND speed.  A friend of mine and I are trying for a sub-2:00 half marathon on August 31st.  I know I’m in trouble because the heat of summer + low milage = bad for speed training.  I started off strong and felt amazing the whole time! I LOVE when that happens.  Runner’s high!  

Here are my splits from today’s run:


And finally:



I carried a water bottle and a sample of Island Boost fuel (look for a review in the next few weeks once I try out some other flavors!) because I didn’t want to upset my already funky-feelin’ tummy pre-run!



I’m a little stiff and sore from the speed, but honestly felt like I could keep going!  I LOVEEEE that feeling after a run!  Now I’m at work (YAY!!! I love my job!) and workin’ on one of my goals I posted yesterday…getting a report submitted!  I’ll be heading home in a little bit to pack up the car, grab my roommate, and hit the road for an evening at the lake!  

I wanna know!  

How do you track your workouts?  Do you use a phone app like I do?  

Fuel…what do you use (do you use it?!) on a longer run?  

Favorite thing about the beach..

GO!  🙂  Have a great day!



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