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Wedding Planning Dilemmas

So yesterday’s recap (because I fell asleep before actually posting about it…typical) is:
WORKOUT: 4 mile run (last mile fartlek), P90X2 Ab ripper, and stretching!
FOOD: The weirdest lunch combination ever, a salad and a pancake with strawberry topping. Best decision ever made.
FUN: Toledo Zoo! Family time! Fiancé visit!

So because I’ve been around my parents a lot due to the amazing vacation/staycation dealio, I’ve had a handful of conversations with my parents about my upcoming wedding. I’ve pretty much determined that being indecisive and falling in love with absolutely everything I see or do is becoming a major problem in wedding planning. I can’t make any decisions, other than the main one that actually matters in the fact that I want to spend the rest of my life with this crazy kid.

Current problems. I (we?) can’t pick a date, venue, bridesmaids, or where we want to live after we get married. I’m toying around the idea of not having a maid of honor because the three people I’m trying to choose between are equally important and special and it just seems silly to have to have to pick. Humph. I don’t want to be married before I have a job, I need a degree and a certification to get the job I want, and this can’t happen til spring because I graduate in May. Insert major sigh here.

Things successfully done: season picked for date (next summer!), guest list nearly complete, colors, and knowing we want our engagement pictures taken this early fall.

For only being engaged for 7 months at this point, I think we’re off to a great start. Haha. It’s hard for me to not make hasty decisions when we have friends just getting engaged and already having more planned than we do!

I Wanna Know!

Pancakes or waffles?

Favorite topping?

Favorite Ab workout?


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