I Tried T25

I told you yesterday that when I was at my conference over the weekend I tried Beachbody’s T25. Here’s some information about program taken directly from the Beachbody website:




So essentially, this program has two components, alpha and beta. Each workout is 25 intense minutes of activity with no specific warmup or cool down incorporated into the 25 minutes. I did the following three workouts from Alpha: Cardio, Ab Intervals, and Total Body Circuit. All of the programs definitely followed the description, you are moving moving moving for a solid 25 minutes straight! I was DRENCHED in sweat at the end of cardio. Abs had you on the ground a lot and I was definitely feeling it the next day! Total body circuit was a lot of up and down, going from leg work, to push ups, to cardio, and more!

Overall, I enjoyed the workouts! They are too short to fulfill my typical daily workout need, but I would definitely recommend the program to those who enjoy higher intensity work but need to accomplish it in a short amount of time. No equipment is necessary! Another big perk!

Have you ever tried T25? Would you? What do you think?


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