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Kansas City Road Trip

I just got back from Alpha Phi Omega National Volunteer Conference and I just know you’re all dying to hear how I survived the drive. I drove the whole way there and back, which for someone like me who dislikes driving, was an amazing feat. Total time including optional potty breaks and mandatory food breaks was 12 hours each way. I’m so excited to not be the driver on my family’s upcoming vacation.

I posted two workshop live blogs, so I don’t think you need I hear more about that unless you’re like me and are eager to know how the national board is considering restructuring.

Lets move on to crossing two things off the bucket list!!! YAY! I got to visit our national office for the very first time (I was like a little kid on Christmas the whole day) and saw the St. Louis arch on our drive. Clearly the national office was the highlight.






I was able to squeeze in make time for a quick run and T25 each morning I was there. Look for a T25 review later this afternoon!


What do you do to make car rides go more quickly?

Are you my brother?

Highlight of your weekend


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