Using Social Media (APONVC13 Workshop)

First Session: Social Media and APO. Stacey Robinson, Director of Communications, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity.

On Using Social Media:
*One of the biggest benefits and challenges to using social media is the instantaneous nature of the way we can use it.
*Social media is setting the tone of how we communicate with our students..and volunteers.
*Instagram and Pinterest are more for relationship building and to build interest…Facebook and twitter are more for engagement and information sharing. Facebook, Twitter, etc., can essentially be our websites nowadays.

How to Use Social Media Successfully
To Do…
*Have a planned purpose for your social media accounts. Share your purpose with others, especially those who are helping you out on social media.
*At events, programs, etc. assign someone to be in charge of obtaining content to share later. Things like funny quotes or kind comments, pictures, and videos are impactful!
*Have a posting policy if others have access posting on your page! This will help you monitor and clarify what others can expect to see on your page.
*Check out what other organizations or accounts similar to what you want to do. Find what you like and chat with that person about how they do that thing successfully!

To Not Do…
*The worst thing you can do is having a dead page…it could be seen by someone and it looks like it isn’t used.
*Remember not to assume that everyone is one the same page…keep everyone informed, ask opinions and get input, then make a plan.
*Don’t regurgitate information others are putting online, expand on it and build upon it!

Stacey also made some really insightful comments on trademarking and branding. Remember to always get permission before using anything you didn’t think of yourself! (This would probably be a great time to inform you that these are my notes from her session, so these are her thoughts, not mine!). 🙂

Awesome workshop!

So…do you have a social media account for your blog or other programming? What do you think?
Share your links, twitter handles, Instagram accounts, etc! I’d like to follow you!

See you later!


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