Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict Resolution. Workshop put on by two awesome Alpha Phi Omega Chapter Consultants, Emily and Laurie.

How to use conflict resolution as an alumni volunteer was the focus of this interactive workshop. I know there are many different conflict management and resolution models out there, and that many of us have heard this information before, but it was nice to have a more outlined style we can follow (especially working with our chapters!).

Guidelines for Facilitation for Conflict Resolution
A.. Set the Ground Rules
1. Who should be the facilitator?
2. Where should this conversation happen?
3. When should this conversation happen?
4. Agree on ground rules…everyone involved!
B. Facilitationask questions, do not offer solutions. Allow parties to own the issue and come up with their own solution. Point out and help them find common ground on the way to helping them work through the issue.
C. Agreement. Make sure the two parties come to a written agreement. The agreement should be signed by both parties.

Don’t forget to consider…
*Seating…have the two parties sitting on the same side with the facilitator on the other side. This sets the tone that they are on the same side,
*Define the problem, repeat it back.
*In bad faith negotiation, hold an individual meeting.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t like conflict. However, I am a firm believer that conflict helps us grow, learn, and become better at what we do. This takes constructive conflict to a whole new level. I’ve handled my fair share of nasty conflict and each time I learn and practice becoming a better facilitator.

How do you handle conflict?
Sometimes I’m too stubborn for my own good..but I’m becoming really good at taking ownership and apologizing!


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