Running in Humidity

So of course on a day when I can sleep past 5, my body wakes me up at 5:45. I ended up laying around until a little after six and got up and around for a run. The benefit of the early morning wake-up call should’ve been cooler temps, but it was still a very hot and humid five miles. It was the type of humid that makes every inch of your body sweat. My fave 🙂

Because only classy runner girls can take photos like this at the end of a hard run


Some tips from Runner’s World about staying safe while running in the heat:

1.  Run at the cooler times of day.
2.  Run on shaded trails or roads.
3.  Run shorter loops that pass by a drinking fountain, your friendly neighborhood sprinkler, etc.
4.  Wear loose-fitting, summer-running clothing designed to keep you cool!
5.  Develop your own hydration plan.  
6.  Take the workout indoors
7.  Be flexible with the goal of your workout.  Switch days around, try something new, etc!

What do you do to stay cool?
I run by places that I know have reliable water fountains and run as naked as socially acceptable. 




One thought on “Running in Humidity

  1. I don’t have any great tips about staying cool, but I do try to run after 8 p.m. when it’s this hot. When running in humidity, I sweat in places I didn’t knew could sweat. LOL EVERY piece of clothing was drenched the other day after my run!

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