Summer Flu Bug and Life as a Guard

Two weeks into the summer pool season and I was fortunate enough to pick something up from the germs at the facility!  I spent the last week coughing, sneezing, and recovering from a nasty flu bug that wiped me out!  I took over a week off of running, which for me is absolutely absurd.  I guess that just tells you how yucky I was feeling!

Anyway, I’m finally over the majority of the symptoms and am getting back into my workouts and life!  Life lately has looked a lot like this:


I work the opening shift at the pool 3x this week so this is what my alarm clock looks like!  Does anyone else freak out over early shifts and set a million alarms?!


I grabbed Sundae Station on my way to work last week.  It’s common knowledge that ice cream and frozen concoctions are amazing for sore throats 🙂


Dunkin was my best friend on Saturday morning because I had ZERO food in my fridge to make for breakfast.  I blame being sick.  20130701-165244.jpg

Egg white/veggie on an English muffin!  YUM!!!


Coffee was a must for the opening shift 🙂

I FINALLY ran yesterday morning.  I ran 3 miles before walking another half mile to finish off the day.  3 miles isn’t a lot, but it felt hard after the week off!  Marathon training is in the yipes/red zone!

Do you have to set an alarm clock?

Dunkin or Starbucks?

Donuts or bagels?

I’m all about the donuts 🙂


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