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Dads Retiring!

The word is out! My dad is officially retiring on June 30! His retirement has been a long time coming (as in was going to happen last summer, then at Christmas, then around Easter…)…but it’s finally here! He’s had an awesome run and I know he’s not slowing down in retirement.
My dad (actually, both my parents) have incredible work ethics and always need to be busy. They’re always working on one project or another! I think that’s where my “needs to be busy at all times” attitude comes from!
Anyway, here’s to my dad (and mom for her help and support!) and congrats on his successful career. I know he will be missed by his clients (they kept telling me so last night so I know it’s true).

20130619-232616.jpgMy awesome family 🙂
After his party I went for a quick fartlek run and almost didn’t make it through. It was glorious torture. If I wanna get faster, I know I just gotta grit my teeth and do it. I ended up on a 2.5 mile run followed by 8 min arms and some stretching!


20130619-233123.jpgYay running!
Now it’s off to bed!
Do you have a bedtime ritual?


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