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Wake Up Wrap

Happy Monday, blog world! How was your weekend?

Today has been super busy over here! I went straight to work this morning. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to workout, so I decided to walk to work. It’s about a mile to walk each way, so at least I got some movement in. I attempted to let my hair stay down today, but the Ohio humidity forced me to put it up by the time I got to my office. So much for that!


Speaking of walking to work, my Toms are my go-to shoes for the occasion! I can usually find an outfit that matches AND they are super comfy PLUS I don’t have to bring other shoes to change into. Awesome.

I still haven’t made it to the store since my trip to DC…yipes. Luckily, Dunkin is on campus on my way to work! A meatless wake up wrap and coffee were the perfect grab n go, semi-healthy meal!

I went straight from my office to the pool to lifeguard all afternoon before class! It was a beautiful sunny day, which meant we were a super busy place!


What do you do on days you know you’ll have limited time to workout?
Normally I’d wake up early, but last night was a late one! Whoops!


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