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Wedding Venues – Part 1

Hello hello!

This weekend FLEW by and I have so much to share with you! Tim and I spent the weekend together because my roommate went to her parents to hang out with the pup they were dog sitting.

Saturday morning we slept in thanks to his late night at a show. We got up and made a quick breakfast of blueberry oatmeal pancakes 20130610-103607.jpg

and headed off to look at some WEDDING VENUES!!!! AHHHH!!!!!

We had one appointment scheduled and planned to stop at a few other parks and venues afterward. Our appointment was with a wonderful event coordinator at a historic hall about fifteen minutes from BG. I was in my sorority sister/fraternity brother, Katie’s, wedding here about two years ago (happy almost anniversary!) and loved it! The day went off perfectly and they provide you with a day-of coordinator for any details and to ensure everything goes according to your plan! The venue has an outdoor ceremony location and several indoor rooms for receptions (your reception room can be used as the ceremony room in case of inclement weather – knock on wood!).

Just a few pictures we took after our meeting:







So many options and decisions to make! Yipes! Good thing we got to go for a run on Sunday morning to think things over. Running with my fiancé is probably my favoritest! 5.11 miles!

Do you have a workout buddy? Who is it?

Where did you get married? What was your favorite thing about your venue/why did you select it?

Happy Monday!


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