National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day, folks!! We get our own day! How cool is that?!

I celebrated this fine day by eating froyo. Specifically, sundae station only 8 froyo! This stuff is magically delicious and I may have been the one to bring it up to my roommate tonight. Thank God I have a roommate who would never turn down a trip to Sundae Station. We might have had problems otherwise. 🙂

I did RUN today to celebrate! I did four miles and made a point to enjoy each one and not take it for granted. It was beautifully warm and sunny outside, which also means I will sing and dance along to my music as I run. I’m sure I look like a crazy person.


In honor of our big day, fellow runners, some pictures from running times past and a brief run story! I actually didn’t start running until my freshman year of college when I finally started getting sick and tired of the elliptical machines. I’m not hating on them, I just got bored and wanted to get outside! I started running in April 2009 and ran my first half marathon, side by side with my now fiancé, that October. I got the running bug!

First half marathon finish!
First marathon finish!
BSA half for the third time!
Coaching my girl over the finish line!

Now I’m doing my best to help others find joy and passion for healthy living! I coach GOTR to help young girls fall in love with something regarding healthy living…especially running! Always moving forward in life, setting and achieving goals, learning how to listen to your body and take time for you, and being a strong, positive person!

Do you run? Did you run today? Who inspires you to live life well?


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