Wedding Planning Progress!

I am seriously bouncing with excitement, you guys.  We are actually starting to plan a WEDDING!  (Insert girlish squeal here!!)

My fiance was in town this weekend and because of the rain, we decided to buckle down and talk about how we were going to do the BIG DAY.  We tackled a lot of early things on the “wedding planning to-do” lists you see on Pinterest (Thank da Lord for Pinterest!) so I am feeling very accomplished right now.

SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.  We created a basic guest list.  We are trying to make sure the focus stays on the purpose of the day (ya know, the part where we end up together forever) and didn’t want to get carried away.  Our current guest list is about 70, so we’re happy to keep it near or under 100 people.  We both know so many lovely people thanks to our families, high school, and college, it was super hard to make those decisions!

2.  We look at the likely guest number and started looking at venues in the NW Ohio area.  We looked at many venues online, but always kept coming back to one that we’ve been to several times for other functions.  We decided that we just needed to check that one out seriously since we both love it so much!  We have an appointment to tour and discuss plans set up for next weekend!

3. Style.  I’ve always liked the idea of a morning wedding and mid-day reception, and after talking it over, we decided that we both liked that idea best.  We both want to be able to spend downtime with family and friends who come in for the wedding that evening.  We ran through a sample timeline of the day and here’s what we ended up with:

10am Ceremony Start
10:30am Receiving Line/pictures
11am-12pm Morning drinks/pictures
12pm Brunch/Reception start
3:30pm Leave!

Just a rough start 🙂


Now that that’s outta the way, just an update on yesterday’s workout!  I taught a 45 minute Zumba class and went for a walk with my roommate and our other wonderful friend, Melissa.

Yay for ZUMBA!

I also spent lots of time STRETCHING because my foot/ankle had started acting up and I didn’t want to push it by running on it.  Dinner was the most AMAZING pizza in town followed by Kroger cake.  I seriously live for that cake.  Okay, I just like the icing.  I could eat it by the spoonful!

Does anyone else think that storebought cakes have AMAZING icing?

Are you married? Engaged?  Ever been part of planning a wedding?!  I would L-O-V-E to hear any sage words of wisdom or advice!


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