Rainy Rain Rain and Marathon Week 4

I woke up yesterday and it was pouring.  I woke up today and it was pouring.  I am NOT liking this cold, spring weather, Mother Nature.  Get it together.  It’s almost JUNE!  

June is the best month of the year.  I swear.  School is out (well, for the kiddos anyway), summer classes END, summer officially begins, we have the LONGEST day of the year (my mom’s favorite part), fruit and veggies are in full swing at the supermarket, and it’s my birthday month.  There is no possible way life could get any sweeter!

To finish off the last week of May, here’s this week’s marathon training plan!  I am modifying and moving some days around (as usual), but keeping the minutes/mileage the same!



This week, Monday was off because of the long run on Sunday.  TWR will be the same, Friday will be cross/circuit training, Saturday will take Monday’s 25 minute run at the GOTR 5K (YAY!!!), and Sunday will be the 8 miler.  I’m keeping the days the same on here for y’all so we don’t get confused.  Just know that as long as your mileage/minutes stays about the same AND you’re feeling good with recovery, it’s okay to switch days around!

Stayin’ positive today!  According to weather.com, it’s cloudy and the rain has passed for most of the day, so I’m looking forward to getting my tush outside!  

What are your favorite rainy day activities?!  


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