Good evening! Today was very busy with a five hour work meeting, yard work at the grandparents, and making dinner with the fiancé! We made ratatouille…or our own version, which my mom calls sloup. I’ll post our recipe tomorrow!

Tim and I got up to do some quick weight lifting at home before I had to jet off for the day. My 5-lb dumb bells and resistance tube set are wonderful for a solid workout! I focused on arms and abs today, but did some leg work to balance it all out! We also got up and played lots of active games during our meeting, added cardio! Yippee!!

Major shout out to my fiancé for helping me at my grandparents with the lawn brick laying and moving we did today. He’s a beast. And wonderful. That’s all.

Have a wonderful night!


Like my new guard hat for summer? I do! It’ll help protect me from the sun!!


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