Marathon 2, Week 3

Well, summer classes have started back up and I spent my Monday working, swimming, and sitting in a 4 hour lecture.  Yippee!  Whoever thought that length of a class was a good idea needs to be questioned for craziness, because watching me try to sit still for that long is hilarious.  On the super-positive side, the subject is actually really interesting and I know I’m really going to enjoy the class overall. 

The class I’m taking is Concepts and Issues in Environmental Health.  I love classes that are structured to address the current table topics on the issue;, it makes the subject come alive and allows you to really dig into not only the current issue, but what has been done in the past.  My online class, Obesity and Eating Disorders, is easily going to be my favorite of the two simply because of my obsession with promoting healthy living behaviors (especially eating and exercising!). 

Because life isn’t busy enough, let’s toss in this week’s marathon training schedule!  I actually wasn’t able to squeeze in my run yesterday (okay, I just didn’t want to run in the 93 degree  sun and humidity), but am looking forward to running tonight and doing a functional workout I found on PBFingers


Yay for Hill Workout Tuesday!  What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger (according to my girl Kelly Clarkson, anyway!), right?! 

What’s on your workout schedule today? 


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