Weirding Out My Neighbors

Hello everyone!! It’s so nice to be back! I missed you!

A few friends and I went on a mini girls camping trip to the Appalachian Trail this week! I’ll be writing a thorough review of the trip later today, so check back in for pictures!

I spent yesterday recovering, packing, and cleaning up from our trip, moving into my apartment for the summer, and taking a break to coach for GOTR! By evening I was beat and spent the evening in the best way possible…


I took yesterday off from running to give my body time to rest from the hill workouts I got while hiking, but jumped right back in with a light run today:


It felt soooooooo good to be running first thing in the morning AND in shorts and a tshirt. Thank goodness for late spring weather! I ended up doing 8 minute arms and stretching outside on our deck. I love stretching and doing some strength training outside…which probably weirds out neighbors, but that’s okay. You are all welcome to join my outdoor fitness party 😉


I whipped up a quick smoothie to slurp while blogging before starting the moving process again today!


The magic bullet is my favorite thing ever. Just saying.

Your Turn!
Whats for breakfast?
Do you ever workout outside (besides running, cycling, etc!)


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