GPS Fail



Have I convinced you now that I’m obsessed with Fro-Yo?  I seriously cannot go more than two days without craving it.  Luckily, many friends and family members like it, so I make myself feel better about it by calling it “bonding time.”

My roommate and I met up with my glittle, Ben, for fro-yo after he worked Thursday night and we made plans to run the next morning.  We decided to hit up a local wildlife preserve/woods to get in some trail time.


See how my GPS TOTALLY FAILED the last part of the run?  We actually did 4 miles in about 35 minutes, which is fast for me and slow for Ben.  Sorry, G!  Thanks for keeping the pace with me 🙂

Running is exactly 10000000000000 times better when you run with other people.  It goes by much quicker and it’s so fun just to talk and catch up on life!



Another exciting event in the life and times of Taylor…our family pool is open for summer!  The water baby in me will LIVE in this thing all summer long..you know, when I’m not at work .  Our beautious (yes, it’s a word) pool should be ready to go by the middle of next week, just in time for me to get home from hiking and need some R&R before work kicks back up!





AND to make life even better, my favorite flowers are blooming.  Happiness = overflowing.

What are your favorite flowers?  Are they in bloom yet?!



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