My Favorite Pizza Place…

My hometown is best known for the university…but once you’ve been here, you know that it’s known for the awesome local pizza places! My personal, and family, favorite, is called Pagliai’s.  I grew up going there with family members for the awesome buffet and this is our go-to menu when we want something delivered…..which is exactly what we did last night!

This is a [lovely] photograph of the place…if you’re ever near BG, make sure to check it out!  They have awesome BREADSTICKS!  If you check out the Pollyeyes (same pronunciation  different spelling) on the other side of town, you can get BG’s famous stuffed breadsticks (which are just as delicious…so you might just have to get both in the same day and enjoy feeling as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey).

Workout:  My workouts have been varied because of my allergies!  Every time I think I’ m ready to go run, I start wheezing and sneezing all over the place!  It makes me feel nauseous!  I’m hoping tomorrow morning will be much better for a run because it’s supposed to rain tonight!



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