Flying Pig!

So much happened over yesterday and today, but I can officially say I’ve been part of a marathon relay!  I love getting to share my running passion with friends!  I ran the Flying Pig Marathon with three other Alpha Phi Omega Brothers and we had a blast!  The weather wasn’t bad (until my leg when it started to rain!) and the support was unmatched by anything else I’ve ever done!  Seriously, my 6.6 mile leg of the race had at least one support station every 3/4 mile or so…it was AWESOME!  There was so much energy on the sidelines and everyone was incredibly encouraging to all of the runners!  I added running the full marathon to my fitness bucket list…go figure!

Earlier in the day: I hung around home as late as possible to watch my baby sister get ready for her SENIOR PROM!  I didn’t get to see her in her dress, but here’s a snapshot after her first hair-do…she’s gorgeous 🙂


And because my fiance was here and I’ve been under a crazy amount of stress, fro-yo was necessary before my roadtrip to Cincinnati.  I have a problem.  And I’m okay with that.




AND my dear friend graduated from undergrad yesterday in high school math education.  AKA she likes numbers.  I’m so proud of her!!!




And I finally left for Cinci!

MARATHON: We left SUPER early from a runner’s house to hit all of the necessary transition points.  The street closings were confusing, but our navigator did an AWESOME job!  Can you spot the rainbow we saw on our way to T1?






With Sean!  Sean and I ran the BSA Half Marathon and the Race for the Cure together last fall.  He’s an awesome running buddy, but today  he took the third (and longest) leg of the race.



Finally ALL DONE!  26.2 miles later 🙂


Our awesome signs made by the awesome Brothers who came out to support us!  Remember my post about the GCM last Sunday?  That half-marathoner came down to support us and it was so fun to talk to her about possibly doing the FULL next year!  I get sooooo excited when people catch the running  bug!  🙂


Have you ever done a marathon relay?  What did you think?!

I really enjoyed the team aspect of finishing!  Holding the magnetic wand was a little annoying, but worth getting do complete this event together!  Logistically, the transition areas were well marked and easily navigated.  Relayers were well-prepared as announcers started calling incoming bib numbers (each relay team has the same number) so you knew when it was about to be time to go!



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