Evil Has Officially Returned…

In the form of SPRING ALLERGIES!


Yes, ladies and gents, my body decides to protest the outdoors in all seasons, but spring is the absolute WORST.  Just look at that dandelion field.  My personal hell.  I sneezed, wheezed, and wiped at my eyes my entire run, but I finished!  


Remember how I said I was sore from BodyPump this week?   Definitely felt it on my run this morning!  


You know, it’s totally normal to take photos of yourself while running.  It doesn’t look weird at all…I promise.  I can at least promise I will not judge you.  

Truth: I was actually snapchatting my fiance and roommate while running because I was just so jazzed to be running in a tank top I couldn’t help but share the joy!  I am that runner.  

And because this is also normal, goofin’ around with my sister and dog led to my dog “talking” on the phone.  You know, typically 22 year old fun.  



What’s for dinner in your house tonight?  My sister and I are ordering breadsticks from an awesome local pizza place!  


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