Walking Funny

Have you ever worked out, then been so sore you walk a little funny the next few days?  I feel like this happens to me at least every few months or so when I add something new to my routine.

Like BodyPump. I added BodyPump to my workout regimen approximately 7 weeks ago and have been going twice per week to the class offered at the rec.  I took a friend with me to the free class on Tuesday and decided that because there was only one more free class before summer that it would be a good idea to up my squat weight by about 4 pounds.  That 4.4 pounds made the world of a difference and I when I walk I look like a cowboy who has spent his entire day on the back of a horse.

(Photo Credit: Google Image Search for BodyPump!)

Why BodyPump?  Well, I had done TRX (suspension training) last spring and while I loved that, I wanted to try BodyPump because it’s choreographed.  Something different, eh?!

I’m heading back to the class today, so we’ll see how this goes!

What workouts make you sore?



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