Forever A Weekend Warrior

I feel like every weekend I end up scheduling myself by the minute!  So many exciting things are going on in the world and I want to be a part of as much as possible!

Saturday I got up and ran 4 miles, then biked 4 miles.  Not an exceptionally long distance for this girl, but I did them fast.  Okay, probably not fast by my Glittle’s standards (who ran the GCM half yesterday in 1:41…wicked fast), but fast for me.  If you read this blog often, you notice that my pace typically fluctuates between 8’45” and 9’45”…maybe longer on a long run…so this sub-8 pace killed me.  Okay, not killed, but I was exhausted.


(Yes…that is the song from Hercules.  #DisneyProud)

I packed up my bags, met up with my amazing Little and Glittle (AOII!!!) for lunch, and heading to Toledo for the Glass City Marathon Expo to help out at the Girls on the Run table!  Promoting the organization and program was awesome and I got to meet a lot of runners passing through on their way to packet pick-up.  There was even a group of older women from Iowa who are trying to complete marathons in all 50 states!  What an inspiration they were to us!


(Girls on the Run is SO MUCH FUN!  Girls on the Run is number ONE!)

I met up with my fabulous fiance for some Texas Roadhouse where I proceeded to eat rolls upon rolls and only be hungry enough to eat a salad.  No shame here.  We went to a friend’s party that night and enjoyed hanging out with some of our closest friends!


(With my sweet gbaby!)


(With two of my favorites ever!!  Sorry about the creepy picture!)

Sunday was a bright and early wakeup call as we picked up a friend to head to cheer on two APhiO Brothers running the Glass City Half Marathon!  They dealt with some cool temps and it rained the whole time, poor things!  But they toughed it out and both finished strong!! My Glittle, Ben, ran at what I consider an unhumanly fast pace and my co-coach/brother Sam ran her first ever half-marathon!  You can read about her experience on her blog HERE.  As always, I was re-inspired to train for some distance events and am already thinking about what marathon to train for this fall.  I’m currently thinking Akron.  Any opinions, please share!


(What we could see at the start line!  It wasn’t pouring yet.  Ben is somewhere in this crowd and Sam is behind this shot!)

Sunday afternoon was another friend and food filled event as we enjoyed a few hours together, taking a break from final paper writing and final exam studying!  I ate my weight in Harvest Cheddar Sunchips and a chocolate pudding trifle dessert.  It was glorious.  I’m going to miss these folks over the summer break!


(Nom nom nom!)

Sunday evening we surprised my youngest sister with a surprise graduation party with her closest friends.  Typical family games were played and she was incredibly surprised! (SUCCESS!)


(Myself and my sister, waiting on our baby sis to arrive!)

Yes, I will forever be the one in a tshirt and ponytail.

Today has been nothing but finishing up my term paper!  I was able to get outside to walk the dogs and am sitting outside as I write this update!   Check back for my workout after class tonight!


(Hot dogs!)

What did you do this weekend?


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