In The News

Sorry I’m still recapping the weekend!  It was just such a big deal to me that I feel the need to inform all of you about the events that happened!

Today in a few words: work, BodyPump, sunshine, final class presentation, and Mediterranean food!


No better way to kick off a day than with a 5K!  Hey that kinda rhymes…maybe I’ll write children’s books on running (jokes on jokes).  My dad, fiance (Tim), and I ran the BGSU Sexual Assault Awareness Month 5K and boy did it wear me out.  This was my first year not volunteering with the course (the Student Wellness Network helps out each year, I was part of this in undergrad).  I ended up running the race with my dad, who was quite the speedy little devil that day.  We rolled in around the 23 minute mark, about 1 minute slower than my 5K PR.  My quads were STILL sore today.  I guess I need to put some speed work on my training schedule!  I was super proud of my dad though, his goal from last year was to beat 25 minutes and he did that today!  What a fitspiration!

Tim, Me, and Dad before the run…it was COLD!

The Falcon Fitness crew on the run!  (Falcon Fitness=group ex/personal trainers…aka the team I work on at the Rec!)

PS-Did I mention that the SAAM 5K has a 1 mile Dog Walk option?!  SO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!

Saturday afternoon I spoke at the Out of the Darkness walk hosted by Omega Phi Alpha, a service sorority.  Out of the Darkness walks are sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and a lot of the money raised stays in your community, which is pretty awesome.  I spoke on behalf of the BGSU Counseling Center and the BGSU suicide prevention programs in place and being developed.  It was my first time speaking at something like this, but it went just fine!  I even got to cross something off my BG Bucket List…being in the paper!  I was in “People on the Street” (random questions that they feature student answers to) my junior year, but this is totally different.  I can graduate happy 🙂

The lovely bird standing next to me is Freddie the Falcon, one of BGSU’s mascots.  LOVE THE BIRDS!!!

My sorority sister, Carolyn, and I at the OOTD walk!

Saturday night I got to witness a PROPOSAL!  You can watch it HERE.  I am so so happy for Chloe and her new fiance!!!  Major shout out to my FABULOUS Little Sarah for coordinating the entire effort.  She deserves mad props for everything she did!!

If you went to college, were/are you involved in any student organizations?  


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