Run Shirt @Work

Good morning!  Is the sun shining near you today?  I swear waking up to the beginning of a sunny day is an instant boost of pure bliss.  At least my bliss.  Like, bouncing off the walls, super talkative, super happy, super peppy (for those of you who don’t think it’s possible for me to get any more of these things, it is) bliss.

Yesterday was a rough day for me to think about posting.  I’m still in shock and horrified by what tragedy happened on Monday and just didn’t feel like posting.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the support, encouragement, and heartwarming tweets, instagrams, and blogposts from everyone else yesterday though.

Did you wear a race shirt yesterday for Boston?  I got lucky and my only meetings were phone conferences, so I was able to get away with this little get-up:

What was really nice about this outfit was the lack of costume change needed for my lunchtime BodyPump class!  All I needed was a pair of sneaks and shorts!  Low maintenance = my style!

I passed this little guy in his home underneath a tree outside of the rec center as I was leaving my class.  He was waddling across the grass and I may or may not have accidentally scared him into his hole.  Sorry, little dude!  He was intent on watching me take his photo though, I guess he wanted to make sure I captured his good side!

A late night Zumba-sesh and 3 mile run with some Alpha Phi Omega Brothers was the perfect way to end the day!

How do you feel about late night workouts?


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