Wow…a nice, big, complicated, confusing word just appeared on this blog. So so sorry, but this word happens to be a big part of my life and will be a part of the rest of my life.

Epidemiology: epi (upon, among), demos (people), logos (study). The study of what happens among people. Typically now this is the study of patterns/causes/outcomes of disease/health conditions.

I’m an aspiring public health professional, so today I packed up the car and headed up to the University of Michigan for an Epidemiology Conference. Luckily for me, the conference was F-R-E-E, so I had no problems signing up and making the drive! (I am such a sucker for anything free…)

So far, so good! I’m blogging from our lunch break and oh my gracious is this lunch tasty. I posted a photo on instagram (follow me:: tnewlove), but it was a delicious boxed lunch made of a roasted veggie sandwich with provolone cheese, summer squash, and bell pepper, an apple, and a large cookie! I gave away my chips (silly allergies) and am saving my apple for the drive home…but oh my gosh the sandwich was so good. I may or may not be thinking of exactly how to recreate this at home. You know me, I fall in love with something and fixate…no biggie.

Time to get on with the rest of the day! I can’t wait to get home and move my body! Conferences are awesome for learning and networking, but are terrible for being active!

Have you ever had a meal that was unexpectedly delicious at a conference or program? Share, please!


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