Let the Good Times Roll

My favorite/least favorite BodyPump track of the moment is Let the Good Times Roll, also known as the track that makes my chest quiver for the rest of the day.

I just completed the fourth week of our six-week BodyPump workshop series and I have to say, I’m in LOVE!  I did P90X2 as my post-marathon recovery/winter workout and while I love having those DVD’s for days I’m not in the mood to make up my own workout, BodyPump brings about strength training in a whole new way.

Some of my favorite things about BodyPump:

  • The music.  The music is upbeat and is the kind that gets you motivated to workout.  This also leads to…
  • It’s Choreographed.  I love anything choreographed.  This may be the dancer in me coming out, but I love it because I feel like I can really dig into the movements because I understand what’s coming next or how long I’m going to have to do something.
  • The Instructors.  This may be a little biased because I personally work with the instructors, but as with any group-exercise class, the instructors make all the difference.  Mine are super-peppy, smiley, and push you to keep going and increasing the weight.
  • It’s Pre-Determined.  Unlike Zumba where I make up my routines, it’s more like TurboKick.  The choreography comes from LesMills and I know that it’s been determined to be effective and safe!
  • It’s FUN.  There’s nothing like hearing the end of a song and knowing that the body part you were just working out is sufficiently worked AND that it’s over.  🙂

Have you ever done BodyPump?  What do you think?  Are you a fan or not a fan?


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