I am one of 140 BIKERS who leave in less than an hour for BIKE FOR TIKES 2013!

We will be driving to Cincinnati tonight and riding back to Bowling Green, OH on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a total of 180 miles.  We run into the BGSU Dance Marathon event at the end on Sunday to watch the balloons drop and reveal the total amount we raised for the Children’s Miracle Network.  We do this FOR THE KIDS.  We ride for the kids who can’t.

This is my second year on the ride and I am so excited for some of the things I know that are ahead of me.  I also know that it’s going to be physically and mentally tough.  I appreciate any thoughts, prayers, and comments for a safe ride!

There is still time to donate!  I’m JUST SHY of my $800 goal…so if you’re feeling generous, you can click here to donate to me!

Wish us luck!  I’ll be posting photos from the ride and will be tweeting (@tnewlove), so make sure to check it out!  Best of luck to all of you other DM participants!

See you soon!!





Here is my recap of last year’s ride if you want a taste of what I’m in for:

This past weekend I participated in my third BGSU Dance Marathon.  I had participated in DM my freshman and sophomore years, taking junior year off to represent Zeta Kappa at the Sectional conference, and knew that I had to participate in a new way for senior year.  I weighed the options of the ways I could participate and decided to be a biker.  Dancing is not for me (I need sleep or I’m a grouch!) and I was over moraling, so biking seemed to be the best way to stay involved and give back to the CMN.

Bike for Tikes is a 3-day event that takes place the Friday-Sunday of Dance Marathon weekend.  We rode in a bus down to Cincinnati on Thursday afternoon and stayed in a local school to get hyped up for the bike ride back.  180 miles later, 135 BGSU students made it back to BG to run into the big Dance Marathon on Sunday afternoon.

The bike ride was indescribable.  There were times when I absolutely loved my bike and the roads and scenery around me, but there were also times where I was ready to throw in the towel, cry, pull my bike over, and give up.  The other bikers around me, especially my APhiO Bro Patrick and my AOII Sisters, gave me encouragement and support.  Thanks to them, I didn’t walk up a single hill nor did I ever get off my bike to take a break in the middle of a leg.  An overview of the ride…

Day 1: a VERY hilly day.  We spent the day riding out of the hills of southern Ohio and let me tell you I never again will complain about how flat my hometown is.  It was a gorgeous day until the very last leg of 12ish miles.  We were stripping layers off and riding in shorts and tshirts, until a storm started blowing in.  Naturally, the wind was blowing into our faces as we tried to beat the storm to Miami East, the school we were staying at.  We made it just in time and were completely worn out, but enjoyed listening to a local miracle family’s story while enjoying a delicious dinner.

Day 2: the hardest day, mentally.  This day was almost opposite, COLD, large, long inclines, and breezy.  There were times I was alone riding on SR 235, ready to cry.  I kept getting passed by horse and buggy teams, which at least kept me amused…until I almost ran over an already dead animal of which name I cannot even write…I dislike them THAT MUCH.  I started bawling and screaming in the middle of nowhere with no one around to hear me.  I’m glad no one had to listen to that, but am also grateful that the end of that leg was near.  That leg we all thought was only 6 miles with lunch at the end, FALSE.  It was 12-13 miles and lunch was 6 miles AFTER that.  Needless to say I was mentally done, but we stuck with it.  That night in Ada I spent with some ONU Brothers eating and catching up, which put me in a much better mood, ready to start day 3.

Day 3: the BEST!  The energy was SO HIGH on day three!  It was like a dream come true for a happy person like me!  Everyone was flying high, and pedaling like speed racers to get back to our friends and family at home.  It was cloudy at first, then sunny.  The roads were getting flatter and flatter, and I was just anxious to see my parents at our lunch stop in Portage- the last one before BG!  By the time we rode into Portage I was shaking with excitement.  I saw all of the signs, the one my mom made, followed by my parents, sister, and grandparents.  I finished the turn crying my eyes out, parked my bike, and ran into their waiting arms.  I was so happy and grateful to see them and was exhausted and exhilarated.  The rest of the ride back to BG seemed like cake compared to the weekend – 3 miles.  We all rode together and cheered most of the way back.  We parked our bikes in the back parking lot of the rec, did one final B4T group Spartan yell, and got ready to run in!  The four AOII’s who rode together most of the way all grabbed each others hands for the run in.  We spotted our waiting AOII’s and I was grabbed by a ton of welcoming APHiO hands as we ran past.  The run in was the most intense moment of my life – what a rush.  30 seconds to a minute of screaming, tears, chanting, and thankfulness…most importantly, rememberance of WHY we were running in, why we did the whole event in the first place.  Dillon and Jackson, the two B4T miracle children whose pictures were attached to our bikes the whole ride.  We rode for them, for the other miracle children who needed our help.  We rode those 180 miles for the kids who needed us, for the kids who couldn’t.

If you asked me on Saturday if I would do B4T again, I would have said no.  Sunday, that made it all worth it.  What we did was amazing, but the most amazing thing was getting 135 people to raise money and bike for the kids.  Bike for Tikes was an experience I will NEVER regret or EVER forget.  The DM total this year: $225,000.  The biker’s total: $81,000!  It was ALL FOR THE KIDS!


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