List Maker

I love lists.  I’d rather write a to-do list, and another to-do list, and another to-do list, and organize my planner 10 times before actually tackling what’s ON the list.  It’s a problem.  But I get things done.  It’s okay.

Today’s list was my packing list for BIKE FOR TIKES!  In less than 24 hours I will be on a bus heading to Cincinnati to pedal my little legs back to BG!  I am so excited, but brain is started to realize that 180 miles is a longgggggggg way to ride.

Anyway.  Moving on because I don’t need to remind myself of the distance! Making a packing list was a little easier this year because I have a better idea of what to expect after last year’s ride.

Here’s what I’ll be taking on the 3-day, 180 mile journey!

Yay for lists!

My favorite kind of list is a list of workouts ahead…I’m working on my plan for when I return and recover from B4T, so stay tuned.

Today’s Workout: 45 min ride and tone class!  Gotta loosen up those legs!

Question: Have you ever traveled to a race or ride?  How do you judge what to pack!?


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